My main areas of expertise

Chemical Development - All my career, finding more efficient, cheaper methods of making organic molecules on scale has been my major interest. Even the simplest molecules can pose significant work up, isolation or purification problems. Devising a cost effective process that is sufficiently robust for the compounds phase of development calls for expert judgement across a range of potential risks and opportunities. The development of a final manufacturing process and control strategy in a scientifically driven manner also ensures regulatory success. Asking deeper questions about the realistic objectives of the projects and planning beyond initial project goals can highlight simple opportunities to save significant time and cost in the future and make them more attractive to potential licensees.

Project Support and Management - Having worked in the pharmaceutical and CRO sectors over many years I have worked on many classes of molecules and hundreds of projects.

Development of in-house technical capabilities - I have a strong track record in developing good technical teams. Even small companies with little or no internal chemical development can benefit by becoming more knowledgeable about the scientific, regulatory and commercial aspects of chemical development. My consultancy can also address coaching needs within the client and help them become more knowledgeable future customers, or even set up their own scale up group.